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logo design

During the research stage of the project, Robot honed in on the number 3 for use as a design element. Three is inherent in the university name Trinity, and the mentoring program pairs 3 mentors with each company. To help tie the logo to Trinity University, Robot built upon the silhouette of the Trinity Tower, an iconic landmark, as well as the secondary colors from Trinity’s existing brand palette. The three colored wedges in the resulting logo can be seen as variously cradling and protecting an invisible charge — much like mentors support an entrepreneur’s unrealized vision.

custom logo design sketch

company-logo-design and branding for mentoring program

custom logo design composition

brand concept

For the overall brand identity Robot wanted to convey a program that is a combination of modern, innovative, dynamic and collaborative. The sans serif font marks a modern departure from Trinity’s traditional font. Strong diagonal lines and strategic use of the color lime introduce bold and dynamic elements, while photography recommendations show people collaborating. The color scheme, based on maroon partnered with shades of teal, helps differentiate the Trinity program from MIT’s reds and blacks. The iconic Trinity Tower and university name are always present to remind people that the program is embedded in the local San Antonio community, where all the entrepreneurs start their journey and where many invest and choose to stay.

brand application

After receiving sign off from Trinity’s Strategic Marketing Department, Robot brought the brand to life by applying it to a suite of materials. Robot developed concepts for a free-standing website, retractable banners, stickers, T-shirts, backpacks and bags along with social media templates to help create new opportunities for raising awareness of the Trinity Venture Mentoring program.

custom logo design swag merchandise for entreprenuer mentoring program

“Robot took a deep strategic approach to all aspects of their work with us. Their work rivals that of agencies I have worked with in Boston and San Francisco.”

Luis Martinez
Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Trinity University

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