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Kinetic Kids is a San Antonio, Texas-based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide physical and creative programming to children with special needs. Kinetic Kids offers over 234 seasonal recreational programs, monthly competitions and one-day events for over 5,000 area children who otherwise might be excluded from similar programming in a traditional setting. 

Kinetic Kids approached us to redesign their website, with the goals of better reflecting the brand, reorganizing content and improving the user experience for several different audiences, including: improved family registration and program information, ability to highlight and attract donors, and simple volunteer sign up.

Website design that works responsively for non-profit.

custom responsive WordPress theme

The Kinetic Kids brand is all about movement. We started with a great library of energetic photos and then integrated graphic elements to create dynamic header graphics that capture the spirit of the organization. Branding colors, design elements and icons are pulled throughout the site to reinforce branding while assisting with navigation. The site is built using a custom WordPress theme for complete control over layout and structure. Unique page templates provide the flexibility to customize pages as needed to best communicate critical information.

simplified online registration process

The primary audience for kinetic kids is the parent or adult caretaker of a child with special needs. The organization strives to serve a broad and diverse range of abilities and individual activity and program requirements can vary significantly from one to the next. Clearly communicating the multi-layered registration process was a core component of the website redesign.

  • How It Works
    The first page under the Get Started menu was created to walk “moms and dads” through the steps required to enroll their kids in a program. Breaking down registration into four simple steps provides a clear overview of the process.
  • Find Your Division
    As as a first step in the process, parents are asked to identify their child’s division based on their unique abilities and background. We developed two different visual methods to help guide parents through this step, and to help relay important information about Kinetic Kids’ program structure.
  • Creating Accounts and Getting Connected
    The steps were separated and simplified to help families quickly get set up in system and connected to communications tools used by the organization.
  • Schedules, Policies and Forms
    The schedules, location info, forms, policies and other resources are found organized under the remaining pages in this section of the website, and are constantly updated by Kinetic Kids staff through an easy-to-use WordPress backend.


The programs catalog required thoughtful architecture of both navigation and page layouts to provide a consistent, simple user experience while simultaneously providing enough flexibility to accommodate information which varies significantly from one program to the next.

  • Program Types
    From education to art, recreational sports to competitive, there were several different types of activities and divisions with in each. The page layout was structured to convey different divisions, cognitive and physical requirements, costs, days and times and FAQs within each of the activities.
  • Color Coding
    Each program page has color coded sections to help users quickly identify information for each division, keeping a coherent and consistent structure throughout the site.
  • Event Page Templates
    We created a unique event page template to differentiate between youth programs and educational events. The event template provides a structure to accommodate general event info, sponsor highlights and critical call out for information requests and more.
  • FAQs
    With so much information, so many divisions and program types, it is inevitable that parents have questions. We created FAQ sections for each program page to anticipate needs and create a more positive user experience.

Engagement Infrustructure

At the core of all non-profits is the need for community support and engagement. The new website provides quick access to information on upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and ways to donate.

  • Donations
    Strong calls to donate are included prominently in the navigation and throughout the website, and an integration with eTapestry allows the organization to take donations securely directly from the website
  • Events
    The organization holds several special events and fundraisers that received a prominent position on the main navigation of the new website. These events now have a flexible, custom page template.
  • Volunteers
    A volunteer page provides links to opportunities and sign up forms, and includes testimonials, FAQs and shoutouts to past participants.
  • Partners
    The partners section outlines many different ways that community members can get involved, and provides recognition to individuals and organizations who contribute significant donations and sponsorships.

“We are thankful we found this fabulous company to work with for a website re-design (we basically started over from scratch). They did a fantastic job. The work was professional and timely, and they were very patient and accommodating in addressing the many facets of Kinetic Kids with regard to website content and function. They are a wonderful team, well versed on current trends, and were helpful in giving direction.”

Tracey Fontenot
Co-founder and Executive Director


The site launched in late 2018, just in advance of the organization’s largest fundraising event of the year. Since the site launched, the organization has seen a 30.02% increase in overall traffic, with a corresponding 28.18% increase in visits from new visitors. As users found the site easier to navigate, engagement on the site increased leading to a 30.12% increase in page views.

Increased traffic and page views due to custom website design by creative web design company, Robot Creative.

Thirty percent more website views

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