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project background

Dr. Brian Hale’s dental practice specializes in TMJ/TMD treatment, sports dentistry and bite alignment procedures in addition to general dentistry and cosmetic services. When Dr. Hale realized his existing brand was not communicating the practice’s expertise and friendly atmosphere, he approached Robot with the task of rebranding to better reflect his values and services.

Brand Direction and Identity

Some industries can be challenging to work with due to a saturation of imagery – in this case, teeth. Our biggest challenge was differentiating Dr. Hale while still using visuals that help identify his profession. After exploring many other concept directions for the logo and identity materials, Robot decided that customizing a tooth and specifically tailoring it to Dr. Hale’s expertise was an excellent way to make his practice stand out. Our solution to incorporate directional and revolving lines/arrows illustrates the core of Dr. Hale’s approach to dentistry – movement and alignment of the tooth. This movement became the graphic basis for the identity. Robot expanded upon the graphics by incorporating custom photography that further solidifies the brand and highlights the friendly, customer-focused office environment.

responsive website

Robot created Dr. Hale’s website with the same goals in mind – displaying his expertise, specialized offerings, approachable atmosphere and customized brand. The responsive website was designed and optimized to perform flawlessly on all devices – visually and functionally. Section headers reinforce Dr. Hale’s brand throughout the website by combining custom photography and messaging that is tailored to Dr. Hale’s target audience.

Interior Branding

Many times, a customer’s first introduction to a brand is through the company’s website or collateral materials. Extending a brand into the physical space of a company helps anchor the brand and increase awareness and recognition. Robot developed a series of informative posters that encourage questions and engagement from Dr. Hale’s client base.

"Since our new site went live, we have noticed a better quantity and quality of customers. The cosmetic and general dentistry inquiries are now more pre-qualified; the patients are ready, both physically and financially. We've also had significantly more inquiries about TMJ and bite alignment, which was one of our main goals."

Dr. Brian Hale

social media and direct mail

Reaching and connecting with online audiences through social media is a must in today’s competitive environment. Robot created social media campaigns to inform and educate Dr. Hale’s audience, create personal connections and encourage online engagement. In addition to online visibility, a direct mail campaign targeting potential new clients within a specific radius of the practice lets prospects know that great dentistry is just around the corner.

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