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What is a Fractional CMO or Outsourced CMO?

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. A fractional CMO or an outsourced CMO is a part time CMO. Small and mid-sized companies who lack marketing expertise on the leadership team may choose to hire a fractional CMO to provide strategy and direction. Fractional CMOs participate in strategic planning sessions and help develop a marketing plan and budget for the organization. Robot Creative’s fractional CMOs have 20+ years of experience and develop dozens of marketing plans each year. Additionally, our CMOs can work with your internal team or our team to implement the marketing plan.

Fractional CMO Services

  • Participation in Leadership Planning
  • Long-Term Marketing Vision
  • Annual Marketing Plan and Budget
  • KPIs and Reporting
  • Internal Team Development
  • Tools and Resources

Benefits of a Fractional CMO

The Marketing Leadership You Have Been Lacking

Our seasoned CMOs have 20+ years of experience in both strategy and execution.

A Solid Marketing Plan with Repeatable Results

We have written and implemented at least a dozen marketing plans each year for more than 24 years.

Grow Your Internal Marketing Team

We are not an agency. We are here to help supplement your marketing department while building your internal team, tools and processes.

Turn Marketing into an Investment in Your Growth

Marketing should not be an expense. It should be an investment with the expectation of results.


We offer several levels of service to fit your organizations current resources and goals.

Fractional CMO Your Team


For businesses with a small marketing staff that are struggling with a lack of leadership and results. Our seasoned CMOs collaborate with both your leadership team and internal marketing staff to provide strategy, planning, direction, development and reporting.

Fractional CMO Our Team


If you don’t have marketing leadership or an internal team, we can provide the leadership and supplement with our experienced team. We staff designers, writers, social and digital strategists, programmers – everything a small business needs to implement a plan.

Fractional CMO Monthly Marketing Review


Best for smaller businesses with no internal team. If you need a seasoned marketing executive to work directly with you as the owner or with one of your senior leaders to review monthly reporting, provide guidance and help with vendor management.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional CMOs typically cost between 1/5 to 1/10 of what you would expect for a full time CMO salary, and this will equate to the amount of time they are expected to dedicate to the organization.

Most Fractional CMOs provide between 1/5 and 1/10 of their time to each client.

We would be happy to work with your existing team and any other resources, such as freelancers and other vendors.

If you do not have an internal marketing team, we can either supplement with our team or help you develop an internal team. We will assess your needs and help determine the course of action that best helps you meet your goals within your budget.

Our fractional CMOs do provide ongoing consulting, but tangible deliverables include an annual plan and budget as well as the development of internal processes, systems and tools.

Do you need help with execution?

If you do not have an internal staff or if you have a limited internal staff, we’ve got you covered.

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