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project background

Mood Texas is a media solutions company in South Texas focused on bringing the latest media solutions to cultivate sensory experiences that inspire an emotional brand connection for shoppers and end users. The company is a franchise of the international parent brand, Mood Media. The family-owned franchise has a strong sales team with an established client base as well as access to strong corporate branding materials, but wanted to develop a locally-focused marketing strategy to feed the sales team inbound leads and sales opportunities.

strategic marketing plan

Mood Texas has a geographic area that spans several South Texas markets. Each market has its own unique industries. Instead of creating general brand awareness campaigns across all geographies, we analyzed current market penetration across a variety of industries and made recommendations on specific target segments based on market opportunity, competitive landscape and segment profitability. A marketing plan was developed to maximize the use of existing corporate materials, with new marketing strategies and creative targeted toward specific segments.

Mood Texas Market Presentation Chart

Marketing consulting leads to responsive web design for media company.

website redesign

We developed a new website for Mood Texas, utilizing a mix of Mood Media branding assets with customized messaging and imagery appealing to their specific target audiences.

Key Site Features & Functionality

  • From Corporate to Customized
    Working with a site provided by a corporate team, we customized this website content to reflect the specifics of this franchisee location by providing their history in the About page and clarifying unique service offerings on the Solutions pages.
  • Lead Capture
    Lead generation forms were included on key pages to encourage web visitors to send immediate inquiries to sales staff.
  • Case Studies
    Case Studies of impressive and highly visible local projects help establish credibility among local audiences, as well as serve as landing pages for industry and service-specific advertising efforts.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    We increased relevant traffic to the site by developing landing pages with keywords specific to Mood Texas’ products, services and target industries.

“During the initial stages of our relationship, Robot asked intuitive questions about our existing account base and carefully analyzed the client information that we provided to it to better understand which target industries represented the most potential profitable business for us. With this information in hand, Robot put together a multi-pronged strategic plan utilizing website re-design, social media posts and email campaigns to existing and prospective customers. We have noticed an exponential increase in the traffic on our website and leads coming from it.”

Brett Balthrope
President at Mood Texas

content strategy

To reach key target audiences, we created a content marketing strategy based on audience research and buyer personas. The content strategy included outbound email campaigns and social media ads with audience-specific content linking to applicable landing pages with strong lead capture forms.

26% increase in qualified leads due to marketing consulting from Robot Creative.


After the launch of the website and marketing programs, Mood Texas saw an increase in quarterly lead volume of 14%, compared to the prior quarter. Looking specifically at marketing qualified leads, the client reported an increase in the same timeframe of 26%. In the seven months following the website launch, a total of 338 goal completions were directly tracked from the new website, resulting in 20 qualified leads and 9 closed sales.

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