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FinTech software product logo design with tagline.

project background

E-Mortgage Law software, created by the well-established mortgage law specialists Polunsky Beitel Green, had some naming conflicts within the marketplace. The product also needed a modernized visual identity to be better positioned within the Fin Tech space and address the increasing number of competitors. Through a collaborative process to understand the market and competition, Robot Creative identified the need for a complete refresh of the brand to align with the future goals of the product.

Strategy for fintech company on a laptop.

brand strategy & positioning

We always start with research-informed recommendations that involve input from the client on their challenges, competition, target audience and differentiators. A competitive analysis and brand audit were performed to objectively determine where the current E-Mortgage Law brand was positioned in the marketplace and identify opportunities to communicate their positioning more clearly and distinctly separate from competitors in their space.


One of the hurdles with the existing name was confusion in the market by including the word “Law” within the brand name, E-Mortgage Law. This begged the question, “Was this a law firm or a software product?”

The software had scaled to the point that it really needed to function as a free-standing brand to compete in a modernized software market. The new name, eClosePlus, clarifies the function of the product in simple terms, and the “plus” suggests the added value to the target audience.

FinTech company logo design

Software product logo sketches.

logo design

The eClosePlus logo needed to have a definite software-like appearance and communicate attributes of ease and convenience. The “+” logo mark had to be distinct from common medical or emergency symbols and also needed to differentiate from other “plus” digital media offerings in the consumer space. The result was a modernized logo that anchors the brand throughout all of their communications.

Branding agency designers reviewing branding examples and style guide for software product company.

brand & visual identity

The expanded brand and visual identity for eClosePlus is hinged on positioning that communicates their differentiators of high standards and superior technology. Paired with the brand voice and tone, the messaging is meant to be direct and actionable. The graphic assets also provide a sense of movement and action. It was important to communicate to their target audience throughout the brand in order to reinforce the fact that work is actively happening, documents are being processed, and real estate closings are getting done quickly and efficiently.

FinTech software product custom branding elements and icons

“It was a pleasure to find a digital marketing firm with a national talent and production level right in our hometown. ROBOT provided us a compelling marketing package that included a bulls-eye name, exceptional logo and professional marketing materials to tell our story. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Allan B. Polunsky,
President, eClosePlus
A FinTech software product branding with parent brand on trade show booth design.


Tradeshows and events are common marketing channel for the real estate financing industry. eClosePlus needed a full-size booth to attract their customers. They needed it to be co-branded with the parent law firm for added credibility. We designed a booth with dimensional fabric panels to visually help separate the two brands without losing emphasis. The panels also provide the flexibility to switch out graphics to accommodate the singular brand.

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