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project background

PetroLedger is a new company created by Avisto Capital Partners to serve as the parent brand for several acquired companies in the oil and gas bookkeeping industry. While each acquired company brought their own unique service list and geographic focus, the goal was to eventually merge them into the larger parent brand representing a nationwide presence with a full suite of oil and gas industry back office solutions. We created the name and branding for PetroLedger.

company naming

Oil and gas back office solutions is a very niche industry that requires a high degree of specialization. We knew the name for this brand would need to immediately convey their industry. We developed PetroLedger Financial Services which combines the prefix “petro” (a shortened form of petroleum) and “ledger” (a recognizable financial industry reference).

logo design and branding

For the logo and branding, we created a brand that would appeal to the customers looking for their specialized services. The initials in the logo symbol were stylized to mimic the look of a bar chart or graph, reflecting the importance of data in the industry.

brand architecture & Merger Brand Strategy

While developing the new branding for PetroLedger, we created a transitional strategy for the acquired companies to make them more cohesive as a brand family prior to their mergers. We created new brands for Avisto Capitol Partners and Aves Consulting, and we tweaked branding for Eddye Dreyer and The Resource Group. The changes brought the brands together with a common color scheme, sharing a yellow accent color along with muted blues. With the acquisition of The Resource Group all back office solution companies were merged into PetroLedger.

Avisto Capital Brand Architecture

Avisto Capital brand family brand boards

“We were so impressed with the researched approach and options we received from Robot Creative for our latest brand. There’s a reason why we work with them over and over again.”

Scott Phipps,

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