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With few equity firms investing in this space, the partners at Avisto Capital needed the structure and platform to tell their story and engage with acquisition prospects. Through a couple of initial pre-marketing acquisitions, (Eddye Dreyer Financial Services and The Resource Group) the partners realized these owners were not only looking for an exit strategy but also a way for their business to live on, their employees to maintain their positions, and their clients to continue receiving their current services with minimal disruptions. This industry is high-touch, highly relational, and requires a custom approach for each investment deal.

Through a brand architecture modeling exercise, we were able to recommend a brand structure that would help Avisto attract and maintain several individual brand identities, and at the same time create brand cohesion across the related companies.

Business Cards branding design for capitol partner business

capital company logo and branding

Avisto’s logo and branding pulls in elements of both the newly created companies and acquired companies. The A is reinforced in a separate graphic mark that also evokes growth, height and scale. The linear, bar graph-like elements from the logo are carried through as additional graphic elements on various materials. To lend cohesion to the acquired companies, a new color scheme with aspects of key acquired brands was applied across all existing brands.

Branding style guide for capitol partners

stationery and collateral

To support the company’s sales initiatives in outreach to future clients and investors, our agency created a classic stationery package for the capital company, anchored by a stable blue footer.

Stationery design for capitol partner brand.

“We weren’t sure how to best approach the creation and management of several new brands alongside ongoing acquisitions. Robot provided the branding expertise and guidance for us to proceed with confidence. The brand and website they developed spoke perfectly to our audience.”

– Scott Phipps,
Avisto Capital Partners

capital company website design

Our website design took the brand and messaging one step further and created an attractive online presence to further support acquisition activities. Images that reflect personable business interactions convey the capital company’s friendly approach, while photos of ancient forests represent the longevity of exiting business owners’ legacies. Messaging highlights the capital company’s differentiators and focus, with detailed partner biographies. The website also provides a platform for an acquisition marketing strategy through ongoing news updates.

featured web content

  • Messaging
    Differentiators are highlighted throughout the website to clearly outline the value proposition.
  • Leadership Biographies
    The partners showcase their expertise and experience, adding credibility to the company.
  • Portfolio
    Linking to acquired companies demonstrates the successful acquisitions of the company, and provides a landing page for customers who might be looking for oil and gas services.
  • Newsroom
    Press Releases featuring recent acquisitions provide ongoing content for SEO optimization and provide concrete examples of the company’s strategic growth.

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