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CalTex is a premier national manufacturer and supplier of automotive protection products sold to consumers through automotive dealerships. They’ve been in business for decades and are well established as an innovator and industry leader. From research and development to manufacturing to providing customer service to the end user, Caltex is one of the few industry providers that offers end-to-end solutions.

When CalTex came to us at Robot Creative to help update their website, we recommended revamping their site structure and messaging to elevate their brand and reflect their true positioning in the industry as innovators and leaders.

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To educate website visitors about CalTex’s unique differentiators, we created a page dedicated to the innovations the company has made and continues to make. Starting with an impressive list of statistics and touching on the many facets that go into creating and perfecting their patented technologies with sustainable practices, this page provides a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of innovation at CalTex. The page also highlights services and resources they provide to support their resellers.

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The primary audience of the website is automotive resellers who visit the site for product education, to research and to purchase services and products. However, CalTex also provides consumer claims processing directly to end consumers. To serve each of these audiences with diverse needs, we created easy to follow navigation prompts to make sure each visitor knows where to find exactly what they are looking for.

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CalTex’s previous site was strongly product-focused and appealed more to consumers than to resellers, creating confusion for both audiences. The revised site includes value propositions and strong calls to action that are targeted to the reseller audience, with new pages and content added to highlight the unique offerings and solutions that CalTex can provide to resellers.

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