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branding refresh

The goal for the San Antonio Birth Center’s branding was to communicate the family-friendly environment and caring midwifery service they provide in contrast to the medical setting of hospital-based practices. Many moms-to-be who are exploring natural birth options are looking for a less clinical environment or even home-based birth. After researching the industry and getting to know the Birth Center, we created a branding approach that illustrates the philosophy and approach of the practice in a magically feminine way. 

Photography guidelines were developed to focus on moments of happiness and joy in the birthing process, rather than the agonizing moments that are used by some other industry practitioners. Interior branding recommendations were provided as well, with eclectic décor and pops of jewel tones to create the atmosphere of a contemporary home environment. Design elements carried into the website and printed materials were inspired by watercolor artwork as well as the tiny baby footprints which fill the walls of the Birth Center.

San Antonio Birth Center graphic design

color scheme and graphic elements

Logo colors were updated from rich fall colors to bright jewel tones. These colors are still warm and inviting, but with a more contemporary and more joyful expression. These jewel tones are featured in splashes of watercolor on a crisp white background on everything from the website to business cards and posters. These colorful, watery splashes convey the chaos and beauty that happens during childbirth. The stark white background represents the safe and sanitary backdrop of the birth center without appearing overly-clinical.

“The branding process was so enlightening. Robot was able to really hone in on our differentiators and highlight them in a way that helps us reach a broader audience. The brand guidelines have informed so many decisions big and small from our marketing to artwork to furniture to what we wear in team photos.”

Alisa Voss Godfrey
Owner, San Antonio Birth Center

San Antonio Birth Center web design

website features

  • Strong Branding
    A custom WordPress theme incorporates the Birth Center’s updated branding with feminine linework and strong water color splashes built into both the foreground and background elements.
  • Virtual Tour & Team Bios
    Staff photos, bios of the midwife team and a “virtual tour” were important parts of the website to help moms make a connection and get a feel for the inviting spaces and birthing rooms.
  • Simple Content Management
    With ongoing educational classes for expectant mothers, as well as FAQ’s and birth stories, it was important for the website to be easily editable by staff members, allowing for the site to be continuously updated in-house.
  • Social Media Integration
    The Birth Center has a strong social presence on Instagram, and the social feed is pulled into the website to provide a constant stream of interaction that is always full of new babies, happy families and the latest news and information.

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