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Project Overview

Luminaria partnered with Robot to develop their brand, advertising strategy, signage and merchandising for their 2015 event.  Robot Creative’s goal was to provide an identity for the contemporary art festival that would highlight the quality and international flavor of the artists and their exhibits.

Brand Overview

Robot set out to develop a memorable identity for the event that would be consistent across all promotional materials. It was also important that the branding would not overshadow the work of the event’s highlighted artists.


To keep artists’ work at the forefront of the brand, Robot used a minimalist design and used a limited amount of text. A color palette common in traditional, regional designs was incorporated to connect the Luminaria to its local roots.

“I am so grateful for the team at Robot Creative. They are wonderful to work with and the designs are fabulous.”

Kathy Armstrong
Executive Director, Luminaria


Collateral and merchandise developed for the event was intended to balance the sophistication which would appeal to a serious art-loving audience with merchandise that would speak to a fun, family-friendly entertainment.  A collector-quality catalogue features images, poems and lyrics with artists’ biographies highlighted throughout. It also highlights the event location and chronicles the historical importance and contributions of the San Antonio Art Museum and the surrounding area. Merchandise for the event included fun t-shirts, water bottles, umbrellas and postcards.


Flexible advertising pieces made it possible to switch out artist and sponsor info quickly and easily across different advertising mediums, in different sizes.



Signage and Way Finding

Luminaria is an indoor/outdoor event with several art installations, stages and special displays in a mix of both temporary and permanent spaces. Robot developed maps, signage and way-finding systems to help attendees navigate and enjoy the event.

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