Denim Group Brand and Strategy

Denim Group is a leading secure software development company offering secure software development, security assessments and training services. As Denim Group’s outsourced marketing department since the company was founded in 2001, Robot contributes to every aspect of the company’s marketing, from branding and strategic planning to lead capture and sales materials.

"Robot has been our marketing team since startup, providing everything from brand management to strategic marketing to implementation.... "

John Dickson

Event marketing and public speaking are the cornerstones of Denim Group’s marketing strategy. In addition to coordinating events and promoting webinars, Robot pitches Denim Group experts for international speaking engagements and produces tradeshow graphics and support materials.

Marketing in the technology industry requires an active online presence, and Robot has managed Denim Group’s online marketing approach from the ground up. As Denim Group experts develop relevant content and contribute to social discussions, Robot manages everything from web design and maintenance to an overarching social media strategy, email marketing and search engine marketing.

Denim Group introduced products to the company’s line of offerings in 2009. Robot developed the branding approach, with product names and logos that coordinate with the corporate brand. From website development and sales materials to online promotion, Robot also manages the overall marketing approach for the products.

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