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Logo refresh design for childcare service.

market challenge

The childcare market is highly saturated with numerous options that seemingly offer the same basic services. Mi Casa Childcare approached Robot Creative to create a brand that would better represent their unique approach to child care and help them stand out among the sea of competitors in San Antonio, ranging from other local brands to national chains.

Discussing brand strategy & brand boards for childcare services.

brand strategy for childcare

Our first step was to interview the client and develop a comprehensive SWOT analysis to understand what made them truly unique and different from the competition. Then, we conducted competitive research to identify the commonly used visuals and messaging points to help determine their best position in the market. Once a strategy was solidified, the next step involved creating brand boards to explore how the strategy could unfold across multiple mediums and platforms to communicate Mi Casa’s unique position in their market.

logo update & visual identity

The client ultimately chose a brand direction that highlighted two key differentiators. The first is Mi Casa’s education methodology that promotes learning both in the classroom and outside in natural spaces. The second is their passion for collaborative learning between staff, parents and the child that furthers trust and open communication. In addition to modernizing the logo and overall identity, a key part of the visual identity was to introduce natural and organic elements as a part of the brand.

branded childcare staff uniforms

The new brand strategy provided a perfect opportunity to incorporate more of the Mi Casa brand into their uniforms. As an indoor/outdoor childcare center, their uniforms needed to both relate to the brand story and also be functional, durable and comfortable for teachers and staff. Inspired by hiking clothes and other outdoor apparel, climate appropriate camping shirts made of breathable fabrics were selected, along with water resistant cargo style pants, in complimentary colors. Coordinating accessories, caps and utility aprons in natural hues round out the complete look.

childcare informational materials

Informational packets were designed to reinforce the Mi Casa brand and further communicate their differentiators. A playful accordion style folder was chosen to house an overview brochure and a coordinating enrollment flyer. A retractable banner was added to the suite of promotional materials for use in a variety of onsite and offsite applications.

Core messaging & brand voice for childcare center.

core messaging & brand voice

Voice and tone guidelines for the Mi Casa Childcare brand were crucial components to bringing the brand personality to life and communicating what makes them unique. Robot Creative helped clarify the overarching mission statement, core values and elevator pitch. The voice and tone guidelines were also used to create examples for website copy and social media to drive increased engagement with their specific target audience.

Core messaging can be expressed through social media posts like this.

Core messaging can be expressed through social media posts like this.

childcare welcome package

Instead of black and white enrollment paperwork, we developed a more memorable and brand-driven welcome package. Included are keepsakes for both the child and parents that embody the values and welcoming environment at Mi Casa Childcare Centers.

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