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project background

Y&L Consulting is a global provider of IT enterprise solutions and professional services. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Y&L has assisted many of the region’s largest companies with their IT analytics, architecture, programming, and integration needs. Y&L is owned by parent company YASH Technologies, which has over 6,000 employees worldwide, 17 sales and development centers across six continents and operates two nearshore development centers.

Robot Creative took on the task of re-designing a large content-based site, giving the client better lead capture sections with improved UX (user experience), dynamic content and uniform templates. The Y&L website has been recognized by the Summit Emerging Media Awards in the B2B Website category.

Creative Agency, Robot Creative Wins 2019 Marketing Effectivness Award for Y&L San Antonio Website Design

organization and usability

As the result of several acquisitions, the existing Y&L Consulting website had grown significantly over time, with nearly 200 pages of static content, provided by different branches with varying formats, messaging styles and imagery guidelines.

A large part of the project involved the reorganization of content to more accurately reflect the company’s featured offerings and to improve navigation and usability for site visitors.

static content becomes dynamic

  • Custom WordPress Theme
    In addition to new website layout structure and navigation, we developed new page templates based on content type to help pull users through the extensive body of information.
  • Resources Section
    A resources section was created to house sections for case studies, a literature library, a blog, videos and an e-book. Each form of content is styled to best showcase the specific content-type, and tagging was added so that resources could be dynamically and easily pulled into other pages of the site.
  • Dynamic Media and Content
    Much of the static content on the old site was transitioned to highly dynamic content on the new website. This dynamic use of content showcases the company’s thought leadership by highlighting the large body of expertise across several mediums. This also keeps the website continuously up to date as new content is added and automatically pulled into appropriate sections.


“Since the launch of the refreshed website, Y&L has received major online leads due to the richness of content (written and video), intuitive navigation elements and clean design. Leads have included several multi-billion-dollar international companies.”

Tony Streeter
Chief Marketing Officer

branding and messaging

The core branding and visual identity provided by Y&L Consulting included a logo and a library of printed materials based on a limited color palette and a few supporting background graphics. In contrast to the printed materials, the existing website had grown inconsistent from one service line to the next with different departments providing highly technical content, charts and graphics.

ROBOT developed a style guide to help bring consistency with branded content. The style guide included an expanded color palette and graphic guidelines for fonts, icons, charts, photography and background images. Messaging guidance was provided to help standardize the communication of service offerings.


In the first seven months after the new site launched, organic visitors stayed on the home page 11.5% longer than the prior period. Average time on the main service pages increased more than 150% and unique page views to those pages increased more than 320%. Web visitors stayed on industry pages 17.5% longer and bounce rates decreased by 12.4%. Average time on page for the home page and main navigation pages combined increased by 66.4%.

Results of website development by Creative Agency, Robot Creative

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