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Project Background

Business advisor and author John F. Dini released Hunting in a Farmer’s World to the acclaim of critics and business owners nationwide. With its unique insight into the minds of entrepreneurs, the ground-breaking business book has received numerous awards and top reviews from some of the nation’s greatest business authors and experts.

Robot Creative contributed to the brand development and launch of the book, producing the book’s cover design, call-out illustrations, a responsive website design and a social media strategy.

Hunting in a Farmer’s World has proven to resonate deeply with entrepreneurs. Marketing and promotional efforts aim to capture that enthusiasm, transform readers into loyal members of the “hunting community” and encourage them to share the book with other “hunters”.

Creating an online hunting community

A responsive website ties in with social media initiatives to establish the foundation of a community that is a living extension of the book. In addition to reading and sharing hunting stories online, website visitors can take a 10-question quiz to find out where they rank on the hunter-farmer scale. They can then share results via social networks and encourage others to take the quiz.

"Robot Creative was great in helping us communicate both the content and the spirit of my book to its target audience. We have considerable talent in-house; but starting with a great cover concept, continuing through a comprehensive social media strategy, Robot added strategic thinking, critical skills and deep subject expertise to our team."

John F. Dini
Author, Hunting in a Farmer's World

Social Media

Social networks provide additional community-building opportunities. Robot provided social branding and configuration, a strategic plan and templates for standardized posting of reviews, awards and highlights from the book.

Facebook provides an opportunity for additional community engagement on a social level, and paid social advertising promotes the book.

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