Mama Margie's digital menuboard design | social media

Project Background

Mama Margie’s is a locally popular fast-casual Mexican food restaurant with four locations in San Antonio, TX. In conjunction with an interior redesign, Mama Margie’s reached out to Robot Creative to design new digital menu boards and to enhance their social media presence.

The new menu design and social campaigns create a cohesive brand for this restaurant chain by integrating custom food photography, an expanded color palette and new branding elements with the refreshed interior.

Strategic Menu Design

Based on menu design psychology and consumer behavior research, recommendations on the structural layout of the menu included categorization, item placement and panel arrangements to maximize profitability. For a restaurant that is open 24/7, it was important to make the most of the digital menu format. Flexible, rotating spaces were incorporated into the menus to run limited-time offers, to highlight featured items and to target certain menu items during specific times of day.

"We are so excited to see our fans so engaged with our brand. We have a growing community of #mamasfavorites and a new level of involvement with our customers. "


Social Media Strategy and Management

Robot Creative developed and implemented a social strategy that encourages sharing, two-way conversations and fan-created content. Drawn in with the combination of a new “sassy Mama” social voice and strong branding, Mama Margie’s followers and engagement have increased across the board.

A campaign using the hashtag #mamasfavorites kicked off a program to highlight fan content. Flash deals, promotions and contests boost Facebook rankings. Table tents at each location encourage dine-in guests to engage with the brand in real time.

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