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Mind Science’s Plugged In conference series serves as a hub for experts worldwide to share research at the intersection of emerging technologies and the future of being human. ROBOT created a unique global brand for the conference to serve as a foundation for expanded future marketing.

non-profit web design that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.


  • Dynamic Media and Content
    From podcasts to recommended reading to video recordings of past presentations to blogs and news, the site needed to serve as a content-rich environment to pull website users in, with simple back-end administration for the client.
  • Events with Related Resources
    Clear links between events, speakers, their papers and presentations was important to show the breadth and depth of research that is available and being supported by the Mind Science Foundation.
  • Restructured Navigation
    Developing a simple navigation structure for all users of a website can sometimes be the most difficult part of a website project. Mind Science needed assistance telling their story to grant applicants, researchers, prospective members, donors and sponsors. The new website navigation uses an intuitive approach to quickly guide users to the appropriate sections with interlinking pages pulling audiences deeper into secondary pages of the website.

“Our website needed to be entirely restructured. ROBOT took a very complicated process and made it simple, and even fun. The results speak for themselves. The site is very easy to navigate and makes it easy for our visitors to interact with our organization through event registrations and donations.”

Meriam Good
Executive Director

dynamic content

It can be a full-time job to post, feature and archive a never-ending stream of time-sensitive content. Mind Science holds events throughout the year and needs to update posts of those events based on set timelines. Our job at ROBOT was to make that process easier for the staff of the organization to manage.

The event page template we developed dynamically updates the content on the event pages based on the event date. Leading up to the event, the page contains promotional content including the time, date, location and link to registration. Once the event passes, the promotion information is hidden and the layout changes to an archived event layout, with the ability to include a video recording. In this way, content managers touch the content less, but the site remains dynamically up-to-date at all times, with a great archive of past events, speakers and their research.

increased time on site after website marketing company created a new non profit web design


Since the implementation of the new Mind Science website, session duration has increased significantly, from an average of 49 seconds to 80 seconds. Pages per session have increased more than 20% and bounce rates have improved by 15%.

Most importantly, the rich content of the site is now more accessible and different types of visitors can easily engage with Mind Science by becoming members, easily attending events and making donations.

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