ROCK’S Discount Vitamins

Website Design and Development

Project Background

Rock’s Discount Vitamins is a rapidly growing business with over 20 retail stores in Central and South Texas. While their core products are supplements, their focus is on helping clients create comprehensive nutritional plans to help meet specific fitness goals.
When Rock’s approached ROBOT, they were maintaining two different websites: one focused on products and the other loaded with incredible fan interactions and social photos. As their website design agency of choice, we were challenged to combine the two sites into one easily-navigable site without losing any fan engagement.
Responsive website design for San Antonio vitamin chain shown on mobile device, tablet and desktop.

Website Design & Planning

The Rock’s bold and passionate brand is driven home on the first page of their updated custom web design and reinforced throughout the site with bold typography and colors. Core design features include an intentionally minimal site structure with very few pages, a catalog which is easy to navigate and an exciting and dynamic social feed which displays fan testimonials.

Key Site Features & Functionality

  • Product Catalog
    A product catalog provides details on over 100 supplement products which are available for purchase in store.
  • Fan-Driven Content
    Social feeds pull in dynamic content generated organically by a very engaged fan base.
  • Find a Location
    The locations page allows users to find locations via zip code search, visual map or browsing a list.
  • Minimal Navigation
    Simple navigation and straightforward organization make the site quick and easy to navigate, with a goal of moving them into the retail locations.
  • Responsive Design
    The responsive web design features custom navigation and layouts to ensure a fantastic user experience for tablet and mobile visitors.
  • Custom WordPress Theme
    The custom-designed WordPress theme provides the ability to customize the site moving forward with no limitations.

Vitamin chain home page created by Robot Creative, web development San Antonio.

Product Catalog

The company had no plans to enter the congested online supplement business. The new site needed to sell visitors on the experience of coming into a physical retail location near them for a personalized consultation and to purchase their products. The product catalog showcases products in a clear and organized manner, loaded with typical commerce features such as built-in reviews, related products, and social sharing features. But instead of large pricing and a buy button, the call to action is to “find a location”.
Social media feed incorporated in website design for San Antonio vitamin store.

Social Media Integration

When you are fortunate enough to have fans promoting your products with testimonials and amazing photos every day, you would be crazy not to take advantage of it. A social media feed pulls from fan-generated Instagram and Facebook posts into the site, reinforcing the popularity and results of Rock’s products.

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