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project background

Stage 3 Separation is an innovative solids control management company, serving multiple industries across North America from several locations spread throughout the continent. They initially came to Robot Creative to refresh their website. We redesigned their website and turned it into an integrated part of their digital marketing and lead generation strategy.

website refresh

The primary goal of the website redesign was new content development to highlight Stage 3’s differentiators. We reorganized the site with in-depth information on solutions, industries and equipment pages that tell their story and position them apart from the competition.

Another goal of the website was to develop lead capture capabilities. We strategically developed content intended to drive more traffic to the website through organic search results and added strong calls to action encouraging form fills. This transformed their website from an online brochure into a powerful lead generation marketing tool.

differentiators explained

Stage 3’s new website showcases how truly innovative they are within their industry. On the surface, Stage 3 might appear to compete with equipment rental companies. However, Stage 3 provides custom site integration engineering, lab testing, proprietary data analysis and much more. We created an online experience that walks customers through these unique services, educating them on competitive differentiators that set them apart.

equipment features and data sheets

After acquiring another solids management company, Stage 3 Separation added a additional best-in-class equipment to their offerings. We created data sheets and updated their equipment descriptions online to offer in-depth information about the additions. Information on new service offerings and expanded industry experience was also updated on the services page and home page to educate current and new customers about the company’s expanded offerings and capabilities.


The new website, with referrals from our content marketing initiatives and public relations efforts, saw a noticable increase in website traffic in the first six months after launching. The total number of users increased over one-hundred percent with sessions increasing 132%.

“We’re actually getting leads finding us online, and they are able to see that we aren’t just an equipment rental business. The new site is a much better representation of our brand and it’s now functioning as part of our marketing, not just an online brochure.”

– Jarod McBride,
President of Operations

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