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How Social Ad Campaigns Helped Reach Target Audiences During the Pandemic

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As businesses adjusted their services and offerings to address the 2020 pandemic, social media was a go-to medium. We helped several businesses and organizations get the word out to their target audiences. Here are just a few examples.

“On-Pointe” Social Media Ads Increased Ballet Class Registrations
The Ballet Conservatory of South Texas understands how their service meets their target audience’s needs. This made it easy for us to craft messaging on Facebook to inform that classes were still happening (both virtually and social distanced in-studio) and promote them as the top choice of schools to attend. The social media ads we created for the Conservatory specifically emphasized their differentiator (training that can lead to a professional ballet career). The result was a full roster and branded content to fill their newsfeed.

Registration social campaign ad for ballet company Registration social campaign ad for ballet company

Local Restaurant Meal Subscription Ad Campaign with Messaging their Target Audience Ate Up
Pharm Table knows they need to reach a very specific audience. Their food is not just tasty and beautiful, but also made to act like medicine for the body and mind. With increased need for meal deliveries (especially during the pandemic), they wanted to promote their convenient meal subscriptions to target audiences that would see the benefit in their food: those interested in vegan food and in a natural detox or an Ayurvedic diet in the San Antonio area.

Meal subscription social campaign ad  Meal subscription social campaign ad

LinkedIn Advertising and Content Marketing for Oil and Gas Accounting Firms
With the COVID-19 pandemic still at large, brands are still needing to deliver related information to share to their target audiences. We recently created social media advertising campaigns for Eddye Dreyer Financial Services and The Resource Group LLC to get relevant and timely information to the right audience at the right time.

Covid-19 content campaign social ads Covid-19 content campaign social ads

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In a Digital World, Does Direct Mail Still Work?

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Gaining customers starts with awareness. Even though the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital is one of the more well-known hospital systems in San Antonio, their Emergency Room facility at the Quarry Market Shopping Center was relatively new, and residents didn’t always remember where they were located. So, the hospital reached out to Robot Creative for help with an awareness campaign.

The challenge was to get word out to the families living around the Quarry Market about the full-service ER right in their neighborhood. To do this, we presented a plan that included digital marketing blended with traditional forms of advertising like community outreach and direct mail.

According to a research by the Data and Marketing Association conducted in 2018, direct to consumer advertising has a response rate ranging between 5% for prospect lists (possible customers) and 9% for house lists (current customers). Physically handling a post card can create a different response than seeing an ad on a screen. According to stats quoted by the USPS, a majority of consumers feel mail is more personal than the internet and prefer it as the format for unsolicited information on unfamiliar companies.

Knowing that the tactile effect of a physical mailer was likely to have a good response rate, we developed several campaigns featuring hyper-local content that would appeal to our target audience.

  1. Post Cards – We designed and sent post card series to family households in the targeted region around the ER. These included information on the location of the facility as well as a brief description about services and unique qualities of that facility. There were two series, one with designs that featured local students/parents and one with prominent residents from the area. This gave readers familiar faces with which to identify and engage. We also included static and variable maps, showing each household’s unique directions from their location to the ER. This personalized and local experience made these mailers more relevant for residents in the area. Imagery from each campaign was utilized in both social and print advertising during the same time frame, increasing frequency and reach on the selected audience.
  1. Magazines – We also created a special magazine, In the Loop, to specifically reach new residents who recently moved into the same neighborhoods. These magazines gave a more in-depth overview of the Metropolitan Methodist Hospital and Quarry ER, still including information like location, but also education on preventative care and when to visit the ER versus an urgent care center or a full-service hospital.MMEC In The Loop Magazine

Compared to their peers within the system, the patient count at the Quarry ER increased 18% in the first year of this effort, while the system average declined. This proved that awareness campaigns utilizing a multi-touch point approach can and do work for B2C marketing.

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Akimbo — Zeroing in on Cost of Acquisition

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Akimbo Card is a prepaid debit card service developed for family budgeting. When Akimbo came to us, they were looking for strategy and creative that would not only improve app downloads and card activations but also maximize ad spend to the right audiences in order to lower cost of acquisition of new registrants. To solve this problem, we developed app, search, display and social ads targeting three unique audiences and tested for click-through rate, cost per click and cost per acquisition. With weekly campaign management, messaging revisions and audience adjustments, we were able to increase enrollments by more than 150% while lowering cost of acquisition by nearly 50%.

 “The Robot Creative team has been fantastic to work with. They iterate quickly to maximize your marketing budget, and have lowered our customer acquisition cost by nearly 50%,” said Houston Frost, Akimbo Senior VP of Corporate Development and Prepaid Products.


New Customers Make Us Smile: A Direct Mail Project Highlight

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Hale_eblastHow do you attract new customers into a dentist’s office without feeling like you’re pulling teeth? In order to help Dr. Brian Hale’s dental practice gain new clients, Robot Creative designed a successful direct mail campaign that helped generate new business.

The first round of postcards is exceeding monthly goals. After just one month and with only a portion of the postcards sent, Dr. Hale has already gained 20 new customers, who will each get cleanings twice a year. Direct traffic to Dr. Hale’s website has also seen a 119% increase over the same time frame from last year, and the number of incoming calls has increased greatly.

  • The message, “Around the Corner” – In this campaign, people who live within a 1.5 mile radius receive postcards with a simple message: with the nearby office of Dr. Brian Hale, great dental care is “just right around the corner.” A prominent map helps recipients find the office and see just how close it is.
  • Custom photography of Dr. Hale and his actual employees (versus the stock photography used by most dentists) illustrates how friendly and neighborly this practice is. The custom photographs are also great assets that can be used on Dr. Hale’s website and other promotional materials in the future.
  • A clear call to action encourages recipients to call and schedule consultation.

Regarding the success of the campaign so far, Dr. Hale said, “The campaign has gone as well as expected or better; I think using the actual pictures of us instead of stock has been very powerful.”

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Social Media Project Highlight: Mama Margie’s Mexican Cafe

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To help popular fast-casual Mexican food restaurant, Mama Margie’s, grow and engage their social following, Robot Creative developed and implemented a social strategy that encourages sharing, two-way conversations and fan-created content.

  • Mama’s Favorites Campaign — With this ongoing campaign, photos posted by fans on Instagram are selected and shared on the Mama Margie’s official Facebook page. By cross-promoting the official Instagram account and Facebook page, the campaign has dramatically increased engagement in both channels while also providing a wealth of fan-generated content.
  • Facebook-specific flash deals reward shares and comments with extreme offers available only for a very limited-time. On April Fools’ Day, a Facebook post claiming that the restaurant was considering dropping a popular menu item (bean and cheese tacos) exploded with 371 comments and 60 shares. A follow up post explained the joke and offered bean and cheese tacos at $0.50 each, nearly half off the regular price, for that day only. The follow up post also received 57 comments and 166 shares.
  • Regular monitoring and response engages followers in conversations. Tweets from official Mama Margie’s Twitter account strive for a “sassy mama” voice, increasing the “share-ability” of the communication with a little humor.
  • In-store promotion drives social media campaigns further, with table tents that encourage users to share photos and experiences on social media.
  • Paid Facebook advertising also plays a role in the overall approach, helping to grow followers and promote posts to people not already connected to Mama Margie’s.

As a result of these tactics over the first six months of implementation, Mama Margie’s Twitter following grew 99% and Instagram following grew 332%. In addition, Facebook content reached over 1.5 million people, Mama Margie’s was mentioned directly in over 250 tweets and Instagram hashtag engagement increased by 41%.

LegalPRO Software Branding, Collateral and Website Development

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IGN_websiteBRP_websiteLegalPRO develops, sells and supports legal software products. To support the growth of LegalPRO’s most popular product, BankruptcyPRO, and to assist cross-promotion efforts for other products, Robot developed a cohesive suite of brands, brochures, tradeshow materials and integrated websites for the parent company and its products.

Websites for BankruptcyPRO and I-Got-Notices, two software products, were part of an all-encompasing brand overhaul for LegalPRO in which the spirit, energy, and accessibility of a small team were captured through an updated website and accompanying collateral materials.

LegalPRO’s “big enough, but not too big” size and flexibility were the key messages communicated through team highlights, approachable language and selective use of hand-drawn graphics to emphasize the approachable nature of the LegalPRO team.

Robot also created a company overview brochure that carries across the same style of imagery and the message of individualized service. The LegalPRO team is a big focus in the brochure and is introduced with a fun, personable approach, representative of the company brand. Illustrated headshot photos with brief personal bios provide a snapshot of each individual’s personality.

LegalPRO’s company culture and attentive customer service set them apart from the industry. The new branding and sales tools highlight these key differentiators and provide end users with a company overview that is in-line with its approachable attitude and personalized service.  

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