Case Study: A Pool of New Customers

May 11, 2011

Love to Swim and Tumble School provides swim lessons, tumble lessons and parties with one established location in San Antonio and a newer location in Schertz. The goal of this initiative was to drive new enrollment at their Schertz location.

Challenge: Develop a Selling Idea 
For this deal to be the most effective, buyers needed to get hooked with the deal and then be converted into year-round enrolled students. One lesson might have done the trick, but Love to Swim and Tumble School felt confident that after a full month of lessons, buyers would love the program and remain enrolled. The offer was crafted for one month of swim lessons at half price, with a waived registration fee. To prevent a crash in revenue due to regular customers cashing in on the offer, the deal was limited to new customers and was only valid at the Schertz location. We didn't want the regulars to feel excluded, so the deal included an offer to benefit them as well. They were able to purchase the deal as a gift and receive referral bucks.

Keep The New Customers Coming Back
Once the Groupons were purchased, it was time for the real work to begin. These deal customers weren't just any customers - they were new prospective year-round customers that needed to be tracked as sales leads. With over 1,200 students in and out the door each week, tracking them would be no easy feat. The school set up their software to alert staff when a Groupon customer checked in for their last lesson and to prompt them to ask about the customer's experience and whether or not they wanted to remain enrolled in swim lessons. In less than 2 steps and 1 minute, the customer's enrollment was continued.

Love to Swim and Tumble School sold a total of 295 Groupons, and has had approximately 141 redemptions so far. "Groupon was a great way to reach a large audience and to get new people through the door. Now it's our job to impress these people and get them to remain enrolled after the one-month deal is over", said Carra Millikien, General Manager of the Schertz Location. It looks like they're off to a great start! Of the new customers obtained through Groupon, 94 have already completed their free month and 60 of these have decided to remain enrolled.