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project background

Polunsky Beitel Green is the oldest Law firm in Texas dedicated to mortgage law. The firm continues to remain highly specialized, and the principals are recognized as industry leaders on the national stage. The law firm wanted to modernize their logo and branding while maintaining the prestige of their established firm.

Law firm logo design by Robot Creative.

Competitive analysis shapes positioning for a law firm brand.

competitive analysis

Researching the competitive landscape was a crucial part of the process. Current law firm branding, on the whole, is typically limited to a logo with classically typeset partner names, doing little to communicate any intangible company characteristics.

Our first goal was to determine which intangible qualities were important for Polunsky Beitel Green to convey in their law firm logo design. Working through an established process to explore future goals, target audiences and market challenges, ROBOT was able to help Polunsky Beitel Green uncover their unique industry positioning as a specialized law firm with a solid reputation of reliability and stability.

logo development

Through the logo concept exploration process, ROBOT decided that the stability of a square shape would best communicate the law firm’s brand attributes. The strong shape conveys a sense of foundation: dependable, solid and trustworthy.

Sans Serif fonts depart from the traditional serif fonts used in most attorney logos, providing a more modern update to the partner names. The overall simplicity of the design is both bold and clean, creating a fresh look that stands out from other legal services logos.

Hand sketches for legal services logo design.

brand boards

Once the law firm logo design was established, a brand board process took things one step further, exploring the visual identity of the company (including the imagery, color palette and voice of the law firm) across key marketing pieces: the website, stationery, collateral and advertising.

The final branding reinforces the reliability and consistency of the firm. The shapes and structure of the marketing pieces are solid, taking on a grid-like pattern. A harmonious and limited color palette is similar to what you would see among financial institutions, their primary customer base. The colors convey safety in navy, light blue, light green and grey. There is nothing unexpected.

The layout and color palette provide a stable framework, but the imagery conveys efficiency. Since deadlines and tight turnarounds are characteristics of this legal specialization, the imagery and photo style is very active, breaking away from the typical posed law firm portraits. Photos use an editorial shooting style with multiple people interacting instead of looking forward at the camera. Slightly desaturated images remove color contrast and provide a more corporate or enterprise feel.

Tone of voice is confident and experienced but not arrogant or boastful. It conveys, “we have been doing this a long time and know how to do it right,” using stable, direct language in headlines.

“From our first meeting, we knew that we had selected a gifted group of professionals… Unlike some other marketing firms, Robot Creative’s creative products do not originate in software packages. Their’s is a true thought-driven and creative process… In the end, Andrew, and his staff, delivered the logo and look we desired. Additionally, they designed a complete array of marketing and correspondence materials that were lights out.”

Allan B. Polunsky
Managing Partner
Law firm branding starts with a well-designed business card.


The partners at Polunsky Beitel Green law firm still enjoy a personal touch to their correspondence. When designing their identity package, we kept this in mind and selected soft papers with specialty printing for a beautiful, tactile experience.

Law firm branding style guide

style guide

To help internal teams and external vendors maintain the consistency of the new brand, ROBOT provided a brand style guide that outlines the technical and usage specifications of the various brand components.

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