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Custom Photography by Creative Agency, Robot Creative

Brand Refresh and
Custom Photography

Over the years Aladdin’s brand had become dated. The brand carried significant equity in the local community, but wasn’t anything that would speak to a growing market of prospective customers. The firm’s logo mark featured an older design aesthetic, dated colors and typography that was very difficult to read and reproduce. ROBOT recommended an approach that would refresh the brand to help appeal to the company’s high-end and predominately female customer base.

ROBOT updated the genie mark and revisited Aladdin’s brand colors and fonts to modernize the mark. In order to maintain continuity with the firm’s longstanding branding, ROBOT worked with colors familiar to the brand but shifted away from large areas of heavier reds and blacks of the past, leaning more on white space to soften the approach. Additionally, ROBOT’s design team introduced elegant background patterns, as well as high-quality custom photography of their showroom, technicians and Oriental rugs.

“We work with Robot Creative because their level of expertise from branding to web development to digital marketing is downright exceptional. We trust their recommendations, and they just plain put out a good product!”

Meg Walker, Vice President
Aladdin Cleaning & Restoration
San Antonio Web Design Services and development for Aladdin Cleaning & Restoration, by Robot Creative

Website Design

Informed by Aladdin’s updated branding guidelines, ROBOT created a modern, responsive website that focuses on driving conversions in three key areas: cleaning services, rug repair and rug consignment. The website incorporates SEO best practices, lead capture strategies, a scheduling tool and analytics. Additionally, ROBOT worked with Aladdin to set up a separate, coordinating e-commerce website for rug sales and consignments.

Since the launch of the site, Aladdin has seen an increase in sessions and new users of nearly 25 percent, and a 33 percent lift in organic search traffic.

Partner Location Point of Sale Materials

As part of a growing initiative to partner with area dry cleaners and other retail locations, ROBOT helped Aladdin build out a suite of partner location materials. Door clings, window graphics, interior signage, countertop mats and clothing hang tags all raise awareness of both Aladdin’s rug cleaning services and the the partner’s location as a drop off spot.

Custom print materials by Creative agency, Robot Creative

Traditional and Digital Advertising

Aladdin has worked with ROBOT on well-established marketing campaigns in traditional mediums including print and direct mail with positive and predictable results. More recently, ROBOT has helped Aladdin expand their advertising program to digital and social advertising outlets. By identifying key buying targets, ROBOT was able to build digital marketing campaigns that focused on the customers most likely to shop at or use Aladdin’s cleaning service, reducing the company’s advertising waste and increasing conversion rates.

In a recent A/B test, ROBOT ran a direct mail campaign and a digital campaign concurrently. The results speak for themselves: Aladdin’s digital/social advertising outperformed the traditional campaign by more than 40 percent. Though the campaigns both generated comparable revenue, ROBOT’s digital set cost just 10 percent as much as the print campaign, reducing Aladdin’s cost per reach by 86 percent.

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