Roof Monitor branding and product launch

Project Background

Roof Monitor™ is a technology-based system designed to monitor live loads of water and snow on the roofs of low-sloped buildings and to inform businesses of potential risk. After nearly a decade of research and development, Roof Monitor was officially introduced to the market in March of 2014.

A Gold winner of the 2015 International Visual Identity Awards in the Manufacturing category, Robot is honored to have been recognized for our work on this project in a design competition that seeks out the best visual identity work from across the globe.


Brand Development

Due to the unique and technical nature of the product, the primary goal of the launch was to educate Roof Monitor’s target market on the product and its benefits. A straightforward and memorable name combined with a descriptive tagline immediately convey the message behind the product and its purpose. The distinctive color and shape of the Roof Monitor sensors are reinforced in every aspect of the design for the brand, from the logo to the illustrations to the infographics used in collateral materials.

Product Launch

The product launch coincided with a major industry trade show. Robot Creative provided the event strategy, designed graphics for a 20’x20′ island exhibit and developed related collateral materials. A feature article was timed for release in one of the industry’s most prominent trade publications in the weeks following the launch.

Specific details of the product remained secret to create a “reveal” at the tradeshow. Specialty invitations were sent out prior to the event to entice industry leaders to an exclusive preview dinner, and social media countdowns created buzz leading up to the event.

Website and Social Media

To tell the Roof Monitor story, Robot developed a responsive website that seamlessly transitions from a desktop computer to a tablet or other mobile device. Additionally, Robot established a foundation for Roof Monitor’s online social media platforms, including the strategy, graphics and initial post design for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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