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The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired is a non-profit organization that exists to empower individuals with vision impairment through rehabilitation and employment programs. San Antonio Lighthouse oversees a number of diverse commercial endeavors, including light manufacturing, military support services and a robust online store, among others.

San Antonio Lighthouse recently approached Robot Creative for assistance in developing a new web site. To support the goals it hoped to achieve with a new site, ROBOT also helped San Antonio Lighthouse establish a new brand.

Robot Creative wins summit international awards for non-profit website design and rebrand

brand development

The Lighthouse has several distinct audiences: commercial customers, government entities, and of course, the community of blind and visually impaired that they serve. ROBOT’s design team developed a number of refreshed logo options, employing an array of bright colors and striking typography for easier identification by individuals across the sight spectrum.

Custom website design as part of rebanding for local non-profit

Website design

Accessibility was the core requirement of the website design for the San Antonio Lighthouse. Best practices in accessibility design informed every aspect of the site’s design from navigation to functionality to ensure that the site would be easily navigable by visitors with varying degrees and forms of vision impairment.

There are several key accessibility features incorporated into the site. Toggle switches are integrated within each page, allowing users to adjust font size and color without ever leaving their browser window.  In order to ensure that the website functions properly with two different screen-reading technologies, ROBOT’s development team created a custom navigation path to allow for seamless reading from one page to the next. Finally, ROBOT’s interactive team worked alongside San Antonio Lighthouse employees to ensure a positive user experience with extensive usability testing.

“The feedback on the website design has been extraordinary. Robot Creative was amazing – a give-and-take process. And their work with our blind employees to make our website state-of-the-art for blind (and visually impaired) was one of the most important aspects.”

Nancy Lipton
Director of Public Relations and Fund Development

custom photography

San Antonio Lighthouse is a vibrant organization that employs over 475 employees in various roles, from light manufacturing to administration. ROBOT’s custom photography sought to capture the organization’s diversity and give visitors a more personal look into this special organization.

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