Tre Trattoria Identity | Exterior Branding

Project Background

Nationally acclaimed Chef Jason Dady (owner of several prominent San Antonio culinary destinations, including The Lodge Restaurant and Umai Mi) called on Robot Creative for the branding of Tre Trattoria. Served “family-style” in a classic trattoria fashion, TRE’s Tuscan-inspired Italian fare features house-made fresh pasta, antipasti, salami, signature cast-iron pizzas and simply prepared entrees.

Architectural Inspiration

A design in the metalwork at the initial location inspired the design of the logo. An important architectural feature of the space, this design appears in several interior and exterior spaces of the building. This motif combines with a Tuscan color palette and a closely cropped framework reminiscent of Italian village signage to complete the logo design.

TRE - Downtown

For the second location at downtown-San Antonio’s famous Fairmont Hotel, Robot helped incorporate the elements of the brand into the new space. Signage and a pattern of vines embellish the windows on street level, enhancing the intimate atmosphere inside the restaurant while drawing in guests from the bustling sidewalks of downtown.

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