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New Customers Make Us Smile: A Direct Mail Project Highlight

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Hale_eblastHow do you attract new customers into a dentist’s office without feeling like you’re pulling teeth? In order to help Dr. Brian Hale’s dental practice gain new clients, Robot Creative designed a successful direct mail campaign that helped generate new business.

The first round of postcards is exceeding monthly goals. After just one month and with only a portion of the postcards sent, Dr. Hale has already gained 20 new customers, who will each get cleanings twice a year. Direct traffic to Dr. Hale’s website has also seen a 119% increase over the same time frame from last year, and the number of incoming calls has increased greatly.

  • The message, “Around the Corner” – In this campaign, people who live within a 1.5 mile radius receive postcards with a simple message: with the nearby office of Dr. Brian Hale, great dental care is “just right around the corner.” A prominent map helps recipients find the office and see just how close it is.
  • Custom photography of Dr. Hale and his actual employees (versus the stock photography used by most dentists) illustrates how friendly and neighborly this practice is. The custom photographs are also great assets that can be used on Dr. Hale’s website and other promotional materials in the future.
  • A clear call to action encourages recipients to call and schedule consultation.

Regarding the success of the campaign so far, Dr. Hale said, “The campaign has gone as well as expected or better; I think using the actual pictures of us instead of stock has been very powerful.”

Looking for ways to increase your visibility to your target audience?

From direct mail to digital advertising, Robot can help you find the right mix to meet your goals. Learn more about our advertising and visibility services  and contact us to schedule a consultation.

Why We Love WordPress

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welovewordpress_graphicChoosing a content management system (CMS) to help manage, maintain and update a website is one of the most important decisions to make when building a new website. Content management systems exist to make managing a website easier than ever before. However, the wrong CMS can cause difficulties when editing content or updating plugins, be challenging and costly for non-developers to learn, become expensive over time and have limited functionality and community support.

Navigating through these many content management systems can be time consuming and confusing, so we’ve done the research for you. For us, the clear winner is WordPress, and here’s why we love it.

It’s Widely Used

WordPress is currently the most popular website platform in the world, comprising 49.6% of existing websites and 60% of all CMS’ as of January 2015. As the most popular content management system, support and resources are widely available and easy to find. You won’t get locked into a proprietary system or stuck with a website that only a small handful of developers know how to update as you move forward.

It’s User Friendly

Originally designed as a blogging software that even the most novice user could get set up and running easily on their own, WordPress makes managing a website easy for any non-developer with little or no training. WordPress websites provide clients with the ability to do everything from making simple content updates to building advanced page layouts, all in an easily digestible framework. Where some content management systems require either backend development experience or significant training, we find most users can be up and running on WordPress with under an hour of training.

It’s Flexible

Out of the box, WordPress allows us to develop powerful custom designs (WordPress call these “themes”) and advanced page layouts. It’s surprising to find that many content management systems are still limited in their layout possibilities. If there’s a need for additional functionality (galleries, forms, lead capture, custom menus, menus and more), an existing solution can typically be found. When a custom solution is called for, it can easily be worked into the WordPress framework.

It’s Cost Effective

WordPress is free! That’s right, there are no initial costs and no ongoing licensing costs for the platform itself. While we do find that using a specialized WordPress host can help with performance and maintenance of the site, a WordPress website can be hosted on most standard hosting platforms. The widespread usage of WordPress has led to lots of competition from vendors and supporting resources, making it very cost effective to maintain.

It’s Mobile and Google Friendly

While many proprietary systems are still struggling with updating their technology to work with the latest responsive frameworks, WordPress is already mobile-ready and search engine friendly. With Google recently updating their search algorithm to rank mobile-ready sites higher than other sites, having a mobile-ready website is of the utmost importance for any company.

Choose Robot for your WordPress website

At Robot Creative, we understand that an established web presence is vital to the future of any business. Our team has extensive experience planning, designing and building WordPress (and non-WordPress!) websites that work with our clients’ goals and marketing initiatives.

We offer a wide range of responsive design options that will help your business stay ahead of changing technologies and ensure the longevity and scalability of your website into the future. If you’re interested in developing a new website with WordPress, or updating your current site to use WordPress, please contact us by sending a project request.