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Established in 2005 as a family-owned business, Sierra Motors sells and finances vehicles for customers with challenged or no credit. With the ability to provide necessary approvals for financing quickly, speed sets Sierra Motors apart. The company needed a brand that would communicate this differentiator and help them appear less like a local corner car lot and more like a polished, professional financing company that can compete with larger national brands.

With a nod to the company’s “speedy” transactions and financing approval practices, Robot developed a speedway-themed brand. The logo design incorporates the iconic black and white checkered flag with bold red and warm yellow italicized type reminiscent of race car graphic lettering. Robot developed the tagline, “Financing You to the Finish Line”, which speaks to the credit-challenged by portraying the need for financing in a positive manner.

Refreshed Website

Sierra Motors’ brand carries over into the company’s online presence, with a website that features a simple lead-capture form, a refer-a-friend feature and access to an online payment portal for customers.

on-site branding

On-site marketing pieces ensure that customers immediately pick up on the brand message when they walk onto the lot or into the sales office. These include custom vehicle magnets and icons, customer testimonial posters, custom license plates and frames, rearview mirror hangers, a tri-fold with vehicle maintenance guidelines, and a referral program handout card.

associated brand

While the Sierra Motors logo focuses on speedy transactions, the logo for Sierra Acceptance (the financing entity associated with Sierra Motors) uses a checkmark to highlight the fact that nearly every customer is approved for credit. While the logos share characteristics, they are separate and unique brands.

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