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Company branding on webside pages.

product naming and branding

ThreadFix was the second product added to the Denim Group portfolio. It followed ThreadStrong, an e-learning platform. A precedent was set in the naming of the first product that was carried through to ThreadFix – to play on lines of computer code known as threads, but also referring back to the Denim Group brand. Stitch shapes and Denim Group brand colors are reinforced in the logo mark, creating a clear connection between the parent brand and the product.

photography, icons and infographics

The ThreadFix brand works within the parent company style guidelines, but also stands alone with with an expanded set of guidelines. Photography used in headers all conveys convergence and scale. Icons are crisp and flat, while infographics incorporate a denim texture to add depth while subtly reinforcing the parent brand.

Website Design

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design
    A custom theme provides the ultimate scalability with navigation and layouts that can adjust as the product evolves.

  • Responsive Layout
    Ensures that the user experience is positive on mobile, tablet and desktop versions with a custom responsive layout.

  • Integrations Library
    Filtering by category and type enhances user experience when browsing an extensive list of partner integrations.

  • Digital Marketing Infrastructure
    From search marketing to landing pages and gated content, the website supports inbound marketing strategies with a suite of martech integrations.

product branding web design that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Brand development for software product by Robot Creative team.

Product Version Roadmap and Release Planning

Major product releases require a marketing strategy and plan, which is carefully coordinated with PR efforts, sales team management, product management and internal operations. ROBOT developed a marketing schedule that organized website updates, blogs, webinars, email newsletter announcements, demo videos, social media, landing pages and digital advertising updates to hit a critical event deadline for a major industry conference.

digital marketing

The ThreadFix product was transitioned from a “resource” of Denim Group to a standalone product complete with its own product marketing plan and digital strategy including: a separate website SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Sales integrations for lead management. This product-focused approach resulted in an immediate 85% increase in traffic the first year, with steady incremental growth year over year, climbing to 491% after 3 years.

“Robot Creative has been a key partner in marketing ThreadFix, from the branding and product launch to digital marketing to strategic communications for subsequent product releases.”

Dan Cornell
Principal, Denim Group

tradeshow booth and event marketing materials

With the launch of ThreadFix, ROBOT redesigned the Denim Group 10×10 trade show booth to incorporate a pop out graphic to highlight the ThreadFix product. A kiosk with monitors for live demos was developed to be positioned closer to the aisles to help grab the attention of passersby. Product info sheets provide takeaway information to supplement the live demos. Smaller pop-up banners were developed to work together or as stand-alone pieces for smaller events and spaces.

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