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Custom Logo design for Beldon Roofing Company by Robot Creative

project background

Beldon is a family-owned and operated home solutions business that was founded in 1946 in San Antonio, Texas, as Beldon Roofing Company. Today, Beldon provides roofing systems, gutter replacement (multi-market franchise owner of LeafGuard gutter systems), custom windows, blown-in fiberglass insulation and home siding in 15 major markets across the nation.

After successfully building their business for more than 70 years, the Beldons approached ROBOT with a desire to refresh their brand and bring their individually-branded product lines under one central brand and identity. We took a research-based approach to develop the appropriate brand architecture and design to carry the company into the next phase of their evolution.

Robot Creative wins 2017 Marketing Effectiveness award for Beldon brand development

Marketing Agency, Robot Creative, customer jounrney map for competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis and Customer Journey

ROBOT conducted research on national and regional competitors to better understand current trends in the industry and the regional differences in customer needs.

Additionally, interviews were held with key sales and customer service personnel to document and understand the customer experience with the brand at every step of the sales cycle. While customer journey mapping, we identified not only the steps in the average customer lifecycle, but also how the different brands interact with each other and where natural cross-sell and brand reinforcement opportunities exist.

“It was a consultative process. They brought us various ideas and pushed us to identify what we liked and what accomplished our goals. That way, when the process ended, both we and they were delighted with the end product.”

Mike Beldon
Chairman at Beldon

Brand Development

The company’s five major product offerings were all originally operating under separate brands, with no reference to Beldon. This created challenges to market them and take advantage of positive brand reputation from one line to the next. After the competitive analysis, the plan was clear – the Beldon name and outstanding reputation would go national and unify the offerings.

Beldon Roofing Company was shortened to Beldon, and the signature “B” was modernized and redesigned to work with a wide range of home improvement offerings. As part of the branding strategy, ROBOT also developed logo variations for each of Beldon’s distinct product lines, tying them back to the Beldon brand.

“ROBOT didn’t have a problem pushing us into an uncomfortable position at times. It challenged us.”

Brad Beldon
President and CEO of Beldon
Robot Creative develops custom business card design for brand development

identity and collateral

Establishing a national brand requires more than a great logo. For the Beldon brand, ROBOT created a multifaceted visual identity consisting of colors, fonts, imagery guidelines and more to unify the product lines across the country.

ROBOT developed style guidelines and a stationary package for Beldon to use with each of the product lines, making changes to existing sales collateral, promotional items, and other materials easy to implement and manage throughout each stage of the customer experience.

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