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project background

The oldest law firm in Texas specializing in mortgage law, Polunsky Beitel Green, has a prestigious team of leaders who continue to uphold timeless values. The firm’s legacy and highly specialized focus are accentuated by a rich flow of content reflecting their thought leadership. After a refresh of their branding, their law firm website design needed updating to reflect their new positioning and provide infrastructure for all of their helpful resources.

Law firm logo design by Robot Creative.

Law firm website design should work on any screen.

Wireframe for law firm website design.

website restructure

We first reorganized the site navigation to highlight their legal services and solutions, improving user experience. Since the firm is specialized in mortgage law services, we created individual service pages to increase SEO visibility for those specific offerings and educate web users on all the ways the firm can be of help in the mortgage process.

Website design for lawyers on tablet

website design features

  • Dynamic Content
    An easy-to-use content management system in the backend of the law firm website allows for friction-free updating by the internal team. Parts of the site with dynamic content links are updated automatically with the latest thought leadership.
  • Leadership Spotlight
    Much of the firm’s reputation rests on the legacy of its principals. Properly showcasing the impressive biographies of the leadership team is a must. We designed special pages to highlight each partner and tell their stories.
  • Services Explained
    The highly specialized services for this mortgage law firm are now given their own platforms, better educating website visitors. Rich in applicable search terms, the website is now more easily findable by those looking for these specific legal solutions.
  • Responsive Design
    With the increase in mobile and tablet use, this customized site can be viewed on any type of device with easy navigation and applicable functionality per platform.

insights section

The law firm had an abundance of content to showcase their thought leadership. We created an insights section on the website that houses and highlights this content dynamically, allowing for categorization tagging of a variety of media by topic, author, media type, etc. Powerful browsing and search tools were also built in, allowing for an easy-to-search library.

With this dynamic functionality in place, content is pulled into various pages across the law firm website to direct visitors to relevant content.

“We had high expectations when we engaged Robot Creative. We can honestly state that those expectations were generously exceeded. We have found our marketing company and look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.”

Allan B. Polunsky
Managing Partner


Since much of the law firm’s differentiation rests on their highly experienced staff, we revamped the team section on the website to highlight their accomplishments and feature custom headshots which were cropped in a unique way to reflect a modernization of the brand.

The direction for the rest of the imagery has a focus on activity happening at the firm, communicating a professional environment where work is consistently happening for the customer. Much of the imagery captures people interacting, collaborating, and working on documents or computers.

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