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Brand Development

ROBOT created a new logo mark that was a deliberate move away from the traditional film reel imagery of the company’s past, instead using search lights to evoke excitement in the context of a more diverse entertainment complex. By changing “theatres” to “entertainment” in the naming, Santikos Entertainment reinforces the future direction of the business as much more than a movie theater. The tagline encourages guests to be a part of the new mission while providing a reference to the incredible legacy left by Mr. John L. Santikos.



Branding Video

What better medium to use to promote a movie theater chain than the big screen? At the center of the rebrand was a video which will play prior to every movie, thanking patrons for their support of Santikos. The video educates the audience about the new mission of the business, highlighting the ways patrons give back with each visit and purchase. It also quickly tells the story of the impact that will be made in the community as a social enterprise. * Video Production by Quarter Moon Productions

VIP Event

As part of the rebranding initiative, ROBOT worked with Santikos on a launch event to translate the new brand and mission to stakeholders, community leaders, other VIPs and the media. The event included the premier of the brand video and a brand launch press conference. Event management included press kit development and pitching, as well as coordination of local media interviews and photography which garnered coverage on local radio, television and print media.

Social Media

While the typical movie theater focuses on promoting the latest blockbusters, ROBOT Creative developed a social media strategy for Santikos that highlighted the exclusive amenities that make Santikos Entertainment’s brand stand out from their competitors. Posts were designed with fan photos to create more fan interaction, and contests encouraged engagement with the brand in real time. 


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