Three AMA Marketing Excellence Awards in 2019 go to Robot Creative

June 19, 2019

SAN ANTONIO – Robot Creative receives a first place plaque from the 2019 American Marketing Association Marketing Excellence Awards for a lead generation campaign with Eddye Dreyer in the Banking/ Financial Services category.

Eddye Dreyer Team and Robot Creative with AMA Award

“Congratulations to the Robot Creative team. Our lead generation campaign outperformed expectations and was our second successful digital marketing campaign under their stewardship. Robot’s creativity and execution results in bottom line growth for our company and we see them as a partner, not just a vendor.”

– Scott Phipps, SVP of Business Development at Eddie Dreyer Financial Services

Additionally, a third place was awarded for work with Luminaria Arts Festival in the Tourism/ Entertainment/ Food and Beverage category and an honorable mention in the Wildcard category for a Hyper Local Brand Awareness campaign with the Methodist Metropolitan Emergency Room at the Quarry.

For a list of all our awards, click here.

Robot Creative team receiving AMA award


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