Sponsorship Spotlight – Conrad Smiles

July 17, 2020

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Robot Creative is proud to announce the sponsorship of Conrad Smiles. This organization’s mission is to drive the medical community to focus on research and treatment for anoxic brain injuries (ABI) and to provide hope and resources to families of survivors. Anoxic brain injuries happen when a person’s brain is deprived of oxygen, often times when near drowning or non-fatal drowning accidents occur.

Conrad Tullis, the son of the non-profit’s founder, suffered an anoxic brain injury when he survived a drowning accident as a 17-month-old. Many medical care providers say that recovery from this type of injury is too difficult or impossible, and often advise family members to withdraw care or institutionalize their children. Conrad Smiles supports the first research project to assess anoxic brain injuries in children who survive drowning incidents, offering hope toward a solution for recovery.

Offering more than support for research, Conrad Smiles also helps raise public awareness and funding, and helps recruit medical partners to find treatments. By supporting larger grant applications, Conrad Smiles helps fund pilot studies for the cause, all in hope of finding a better way of life for patients and families.

Conrad Smiles contracted with ROBOT to provide branding and a website redesign. The new site structure allows for an easy way to find information straight from the home page including the latest in ground-breaking research, ways to get involved and resources for families of survivors. Also featured are “Stories of Hope” that share inspiring stories, showing progress that some patients are seeing in the recovery process.

To learn more about Conrad Smiles and how you can help, visit: https://www.conradsmiles.org

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