Sponsorship Spotlight: Bridging Resources

December 14, 2021

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Robot Creative is proud to announce its sponsorship with a new non-profit, Bridging Resources, through website design and development services.

The mission of Bridging Resources is to be a liaison for families living with neuromuscular illnesses and help provide community resources through consultation, connection, and confidence.

Robot Creative’s Business Development Manager, Tangela Bond, who serves on the board, introduced the organization to the firm. “I have a son who suffers from a neuromuscular condition, and I know first-hand the challenges patients and their families face. From understanding a new diagnosis to advocating for accessibility at schools and assisting with medical equipment, this team walks with families to help them navigate their journey,” Bond describes. “More than that, they want families to know they are not alone. Using both a one-on-one approach and connecting with others going through the same thing, knowing you’re not alone is sometimes the one thing that can keep families going during the most difficult times.”

Founded in 2020 amidst a pandemic that forced many non-profits to rely on virtual outreach, the organization realized its website substantially influenced how prospective donors viewed the legitimacy of their operations. “Our initial website had the information we needed, but the look of the site didn’t reflect how organized we really are,” explained Dalia DeLeon, Executive Director, Bridging Resources. Previously the Clinical Care & Family Specialist with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, DeLeon has the experience that contributes to the organizations’ credibility. However, the newness of the non-profit means a need to build trust from the ground up. “We knew we needed to improve our online presence,” DeLeon said, “and Robot Creative helped us get there.”

“Bridging Resources provides an amazing service, and their team is so passionate; a core value we share. They deserve to have a website that accurately reflects their brand and creates an accessible platform of resources for those who desperately need it.” – Lara August, Founder and CEO, Robot Creative.

More about the project:

Robot Creative provided site organization consultation and applied the non-profit’s branding style to a customized Squarespace theme. The result is a website that is easily navigable, manageable, SEO optimized and contains integrations with Square for seamless donation functionality.

More about Bridging Resources:

To learn more about Bridging Resources and how to donate or get involved, visit https://www.bridging-resources.com/.

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