Sponsorship Spotlight: Alamo Angels

February 3, 2021

SAN ANTONIO, TX –  Robot Creative happily announces their sponsorship of Alamo Angels through website design and development as they update their messaging and offerings to reflect their merger with the Texas Technology Research Foundation.

“As we start on a new path to expand our service offerings, the website became an integral part of our outreach strategy. We had three specific goals in mind: 1. Clarity, 2. User-friendliness, and 3. Simplicity. Robot Creative was able to achieve these goals by providing quality services through their knowledgeable team. We couldn’t be happier with the results and extremely grateful for their sponsorship,” says Juan “Sebastian” Garzon, Executive Director of Alamo Angels.

“Alamo Angels provides important opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors”, says Lara August, Robot Creative Founder and CEO. “It is a critical part of the San Antonio business community, and we are excited to play a small part in their success.”

About Alamo Angels

Alamo Angels is a membership organization, consisting of angel investors who meet regularly to hear pitches from aspiring startups with the opportunity to invest. Alamo Angels started in 2016, when business leaders and corporate sponsors got together to form an initiative to promote early stage business growth in the San Antonio area. The group also offers educational resources to grow the knowledge base among investors in the community. In July of 2020, the group joined the Texas Research Technology Foundation (TRTF) family. With access to state-wide resources, this organization looks to expand even more in the near future and continue to help new companies grow.

About the Sponsorship

Robot Creative’s founder, Lara August, is an entrepreneur herself, and with a background in investing and mentoring startups, it was a no-brainer to partner up with Alamo Angels as a sponsor. Part of the in-kind trade agreement was to create a website in 2018. The Alamo Angels website was updated again in 2020 by the Robot Creative, refreshing the look as the organization got a fresh start with TRTF. As the organization grows, Robot Creative is eager to find ways to help the growth of the Alamo startup and angel investment community.

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