Need Help Growing Your Marketing Team?

March 28, 2019

In this tight hiring climate, finding great marketing talent is a challenge. Identifying the right match of personality, real experience and education to fit your business goals is a unique skill in itself, not to mention the speed with which candidates are now moving through the hiring process.

Now clients can leverage our 20+ years of hiring and managing marketing programs to help build their own internal teams.

Why use Robot Creative to help?

⁃ In the past 5 years alone, our HR team has screened nearly 4,000 resumes, prescreened hundreds and run top candidates through interviewing for MARKETING SPECIFIC roles.
⁃ We began recruiting at the college level for our internship programs 20 years ago and our database now contains marketing professionals with experience from college level to 15+ years.
⁃ We have developed targeted testing methods to assess candidate skill levels in a variety of different areas including: creativity, copywriting, digital marketing, brainstorming, account management, and more.
⁃ We have a deep understanding of what businesses actually need to run successful marketing departments, and know what is realistic to expect from candidates.

Maybe the best part – we are not a staffing agency. We are a marketing firm. So we approach this differently. With flat fee pricing, we can make hiring affordable, provide consulting that will help make your program successful and change the way you approach team growth.

Curious about the talent pool? Check out just a sample of some of the top candidates we have in our placement queue:

Candidate 1

⁃ 5 years of experience. Marketing education with killer non-profit background including grant writing, community outreach and volunteer management. This candidate is forward-facing, highly experienced with public presentation skills. She is extremely organized and accustomed to working independently. She would be amazing for an organization requiring community engagement.

Candidate 2

⁃ Marketing education with 3 years of experience in sales and administrative roles in creative environments. With the most impressive polish and delivery we have ever seen, we profile this candidate as a future business development leader in the rough. We want to help her find a sales role that can leverage her marketing background and organizational skills.

Candidate 3

⁃ A publicity department administrator returning to work after a break with kids. 20 years of experience with work plus wrangling a busy family have given her an air of confidence and ease that would be amazing to help support any marketing team in a coordinator role.

Candidate 4

⁃ 5+ years of marketing and customer service experience wrapped up in the most personable package you have ever met. With a proven track record of learning difficult subject matters, this candidate would excel in a role where the key goal is developing lots and lots of deep relationships, regardless of industry.

Contact us to discuss your growth needs, and to see how we can help.

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