Here’s How We’re Handling COVID-19, and What We Can Do to Help You

March 26, 2020

Last week was challenging. While every employee has a laptop and we already had all of the necessary technology at our fingertips to work remotely, it was probably late Tuesday before I could say we truly had it all running smoothly. Those were precious hours to struggle through when several clients needed to quickly retool both their offerings and messaging. The good news is: all of the Robots are up and running working remote, doing what we can to help with social distancing, and ready to support our clients.

Working remote definitely has its challenges, and I don’t mind sharing the things that we are still figuring out:

  • When collaboration is a core value – losing face time is an uncomfortable shift, but Zoom is helping. (You can get a free account now for every employee)
  • When you like paper and whiteboards – moving digital requires you to rethink some processes entirely.
  • For some people, there are still home Internet connectivity and firewall issues, which our IT guy is troubleshooting.
  • We are only allowing one person in the office at any given time to check mail and receive deliveries. And bleach wipes – so many bleach wipes.
  • We encouraged employees to take office chairs with them if they didn’t have a suitable chair at home.
  • Several of us have kids that were home last week and are beginning distance learning this week. We are adjusting our work schedules, syncing with our spouses and getting creative with how to make this work.

Many clients have asked which tools we are using, and we have some great digital collaboration resources. Please contact us directly for a list. We won’t share them here for security reasons.

Despite the challenges, I have witnessed some amazing things happening that I wanted to share:

  • More fully using our project management software and finding efficiency in it.
  • Cutting down on internal meetings and emails as people take their work to another level and embrace the tools.
  • Development of better sales presentations and learning to be more succinct in our delivery.
  • Reduced travel time = much more time for production.

Marketing Through COVID-19 Checklists
And through it all, we’ve been thinking about our clients and organizations like yours and what you are struggling with. So we put together some checklists with the major marketing considerations and things you should be considering right now. You can click to them here. I hope they provide some assistance to you right now so that you can focus on other things:

Need help with messaging or execution of your COVID-19 adjusted marketing plan? We can help. Start a chat or contact us to set up a free consultation (by Zoom of course!).

– Lara August, CEO and Founder of Robot Creative

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