Which of these three scenarios best describes your marketing?

November 15, 2022

An Expense

  • You use last year’s marketing expenses as a starting place to determine your marketing budget when planning for a new year
  • You cut back on marketing along with other business expenses when things need to be tightened
  • You include salaries, customer service costs, and sales-related expenses

An Investment

  • You know you need to spend money to make money
  • You regularly put money into activities that you think will be worthwhile
  • You know that sometimes there will not be a direct line between dollars spent and outcomes

A Machine

  • You know precisely what inputs are needed to generate specific outputs
  • You monitor the machine’s calibration and retool it as needed
  • You are in control – you can turn the machine on and off, speed it up or slow it down

If you are struggling to create a marketing machine, it may be time to enlist professional guidance to make sure you are putting your resources to the best use possible.