Revved-Up Identity: Sierra Motors Identity

June 25, 2010

Sierra Motors sells and finances vehicles for customers with challenged or no credit. What makes Sierra Motors stand apart is their ability to provide the necessary financing quickly. They wanted to appear less like your local corner financing car lot and more like a polished, professional financing company to compete with larger national chains.


Visual Speed
Sierra Motors was already using red and black with black and white checkers. We wanted to create a more unique corporate logo and a more cohesive brand. Since Sierra Motors provides such speedy transactions and financing, a speedway theme was the logical choice. The iconic black and white checkered flag was incorporated into the new logo, as well as bold red and warm yellow italicized type reminiscent of the numbers you see on the side of race cars.


Swift Messaging
To have genuinely cohesive branding, identity must also carry into writing. Since the name Sierra Motors doesn’t directly communicate the product to customers, a new tagline, “Financing You to the Finish Line”, was developed to tie the core service offering in with the speedway theme. This tagline also speaks to the credit challenged, portraying the need for financing in a positive manner.
The Race Goes On
We didn’t stop there – ROBOT continues to work on revving up the Sierra Motors brand. We are developing a number of visual products to be used in their locations, such as finish lines and speedway graphics. We also remain focused on their written identity, (think winner’s circle and pit crew passes). Keep an eye out for a new and improved Sierra Motors location near you!