Direct the flow. It all comes back to one set of overarching goals. Channel your energy, and hit the switch.

Do you know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there? There are usually a number of different paths you can take, and knowing which way to turn is the challenge.

We’ve been around the block. Each expert on our team has years of experience helping dozens of businesses across multiple industries with their marketing efforts. Whether you are in need of a sounding board, a marketing plan or a plan manager, we’ll help you reach your goals.

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Annual Planning
  • Budget Development
  • Marketing Plan Management
  • ROI Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Audience Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Communication Planning
  • Outsourced Marketing Department

Initial Plan and Budget Development

Our structured process helps us quickly learn about your company and business goals through a series of homework assignments and facilitated interviews with your key team members. The outcome of this process is a one or two page strategic plan with marketing initiatives mapped out for the year according to a monthly budget.

Ongoing Consulting

A critical part of your plan and budget is ongoing consulting, and ROBOT becomes your expert resource for marketing direction. When you have marketing ideas or when opportunities arise, you always have a sounding board and guidance. The program also provides the structure necessary to help organize and prioritize efforts.

Project Work

Your plan will most likely include projects to help you successfully market your business. Whether you need a new logo, website changes, customer satisfaction surveys or advertising design, we provide experts on staff for marketing, graphic design, web development and more along with a large network of vendors who are all at your disposal to get your projects done. We are also happy to work with your internal resources, staff and existing vendors.

Regular Tracking, Reporting and Analysis

We recognize that you want to see a return on the projects and initiatives we recommend. Every project begins with clear goals and metrics to measure success. We regularly evaluate the results and make adjustments to optimize the performance of your initiatives and to maximize returns.

Annual Plan and Budget Reviews

On an annual basis, we conduct a comprehensive audit of past initiatives and update your marketing plan and budget to reflect changing organizational goals, needs and priorities.


We want to make sure you are seeing the ROI. Each project begins with a clear definition and metrics to measure success.


Ensure consistency across all of your projects from printed sales materials to Internet advertising. Increase impact while decreasing creative costs.


It’s our job to stay on track. We keep your marketing moving forward, even when your business pulls you in other directions.


Stop spending time chasing ideas that can easily be discussed in one meeting. We’re accustomed to back-of-the-napkin estimates and can quickly run through ROI scenarios.


We provide a network of reliable vendors and someone to manage them. We bring buying power, relationships and other invaluable resources to the table.


Our marketing experience goes beyond your industry and market. We have years of experience working with a variety of clients, target audiences, mediums and industries.


We have satisfied customers. Over 90% of our new customers come from referrals from past clients, friends and business associates.


Technology changes fast. Our team stays abreast of industry trends and changes so that your team can focus on your business and industry. It’s our job to help you remain current.

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