Robot Wins International Marketing Effectiveness Award for Discover UFC Website Design

September 28, 2011

Robot Creative’s design for the Discover UFC website is a Platinum winner in the 2011 Summit International Marketing Effectiveness Award (Summit MEA) competition.

The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (Summit MEA) responds to a common need in the advertising sector: to acknowledge the contribution of advertising and the achievement of the advertiser’s business goals. The Summit MEA is unique because it reinforces that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence or reinforce a target audience’s knowledge, attitudes, or beliefs. Using this premise as a basis for its judging criteria, the competition is becoming a true arbiter of marketing communication effectiveness. During the 2011 event, judges analyzed submissions and selected only 9% to receive the top spots.

“We’re excited to be recognized by the Summit International Awards for the Discover UFC website,” UFC President Dana White said. “With the help of Robot Creative, we were able to create a strong website that reflects our brand. It’s cool to receive an honor like this.”

“We are honored to receive this level of international recognition. So many other marketing and advertising awards are entirely subjective,” says Lara August, owner of Robot Creative. “The Summit MEA are different because winners are selected based on results, which is also how we evaluate the effectiveness of the work we do for our clients.”

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