Workshop: Give Your Brand a Voice

October 6, 2012

What does your brand sound like? Would your clients be cognizant of subtle differentiations in your selected vernacular? Would your peeps know it’s you, man? (See what we did there?) Believe it or not, the tone, education level, choice of words and style of your writing – known in the marketing world as “voice” – can be just as important as your logo. Is your voice clear, recognizable and consistent between your social media posts, collateral, recruiting pieces, website and your other marketing? If you can’t confidently answer yes to these questions, have no fear! This workshop will help you discover how to find and use your voice more effectively.

You will see and hear examples, learn about the elements of voice and get tips on how to use it effectively in your marketing. Bring your marketing materials with you, and we’ll lay everything out on the table. We’ll help you find your voice and improve your overall brand.

Date & Time
Wednesday, August 22, 2012
11:30am until 1:00 pm

$45 (includes box lunch)

Workshop Location
ROBOT office
1114 S. Saint Mary’s, #200
San Antonio TX, 78210

To Register
Call 210.476.8801 or email

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