Robots Making Robots

February 25, 2014

FP_paperrobots2The Robot gang participated in another Friday Project that really got our gears turning (so to speak).

Recently back from San Francisco, creative director Lara August picked up some really cool paper robot kits in Chinatown. The stage was set for creativity – and the next Friday Project.


In case you need a refresher, Friday Projects are staff-led organized creative activities we do about once a month. The staff member comes up with the activity and shares it with the rest of the team. The projects range from creative play to industry-focused learning, but they are always fun and inspiring!

These robot kits were really unique. They are made up of rolled up paper “pipes” that you cut at designated lengths and bend to make the arms, torso, heads, legs and feet. Grab some scissors, and fun ensues.


To make your own paper pipe characters, check out the Piperoid website.

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